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Announcing Forms API v3 Developer Preview is Now Available

What’s happening? 


Forms API v3 Developer Preview is Now Available


We are continuing to build the next generation of HubSpot’s APIs to provide the consistency and completeness our developer community needs. Today, we are excited to announce that a refreshed Forms API and documentation is now available in developer preview. 

Here’s what's new:


HubSpot uses forms to collect lead information. The v3 Forms API follows HubSpot's new API design standards and can be used to create new forms or get information from existing ones. 


It includes the following endpoints:


  • Get a list of forms
  • Create a form
  • Get a form definition 
  • Update a form definition 
  • Partially update a form definition
  • Archive a form definition 


Also new is the concept of formType. When creating a new form, you’ll need to include one of the following form types: hubspot (default), captured, flow or blog_comment. 


  • hubspot forms offer a variety of field types and styling options and can be used embedded in a website page. Those forms can be created and edited using the endpoints described here.

  • captured forms correspond to HTML forms in external websites and are created as a result of submissions.

  • flow forms are used for pop-ups.

  • blog_comment forms are automatically created for HubSpot blog pages.


Some other noteworthy highlights:

Two endpoints from the v2 Forms API are redundant and have not been rebuilt as part of the latest v3 Forms API, specifically Get all fields from a form and Get a single field from a form. Both these can be achieved with the v3 endpoint Get a form definition. 


Additionally, the Get submissions for a form endpoint and Submit data to a form endpoints are not part of this initial v3 release, but they will be addressed in a future update.


What this means for developers:


  • Start testing out this new API. Developer preview is the perfect time to let us know what you think. We’ll be collecting and iterating quickly on your feedback, which could mean breaking changes. We don’t recommend using these endpoints in a production environment yet, but we’ll let you know when they’re ready to move out of developer preview and into general availability.

  • Continue using the existing and stable Forms API in production. It will remain available and supported as we build out our platform with improved consistency and capability.


Please let us know if you have any feedback questions or by replying below.

Rahmona Henry
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