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Navigation bar issues

Im building a microsite for my company, and i'm having issues with my navigation bar: spacing and dropdown items. As in each menu item is pushed up next to one another and i cant seperate them, and my drop down menu items arent even showing up i have child items - i'm not sure if its the limitations for the html code. this is the code i have in the design tool settings for my menu

{% set menu_id = || %}
{% menu
id="{{ menu_id }}",
root_type="{{ module.root_type }}",
flyouts="{{ module.flyouts }}",
max_levels="{{ module.max_levels }}",
flow="{{ module.flow }}"

i'm new to coding and i'm not sure what im looking at nor do i know if i can fix my issues this way, could you assist in any way ? 

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Key Advisor | Partner
Key Advisor | Partner

Navigation bar issues

Hey @SGraham2 when you say "pushed up next to one another" do you mean all of these menu items are displaying, but they're displaying "on top of" each other? If so, this is down to the css on your menu, likely down to the stylesheet set for your template. It would require changing the css applied to your menu (from the template) so it may be worth reaching out to the developer of your template to find out the best way to change this styling.

If you have a link to a page I can see if there's quick fix, but realistically layouts like this can potentially break other elements if changed so I would advise reaching out to the developer to find out the best way to update or implement this. 

Tom Mahon
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