Embed a unique URL with custom user fields


Hi there, 


I am building a sequence and in one of the emails, I am trying to generate a unique URL that is dyanamic based on the users first name and email address. 

Thus, I am trying to have the email send: 


Where name is the contacts: first name
Where email is the contacts: email

Is there a way for me to dynamically create this as a template and then have the merge fields generate the uniqe information as part of the template? 




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Hi, @brady_carpenter.


Yes, this is certainly possible with HubSpot personalization tokens.


In the GIF below, I manually add the HubL variables/tokens for a contact's email and firstname properties to a hyperlink using the syntax {{contact.property_name}}:




You can also swap out the email and firstname values for the internal names (not labels like "First name") of any other default or custom contact property in your CRM.

Isaac Takushi

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi all!

We just wanted to add some clarification that personalization tokens can be used as part of the URL, but this is only supported if they're added as part of the query parameters (the portion after the question mark (?) in the URL). We do not support using a personalization token as the entire URL.