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[How-to] Automatically open the chat widget when a customer loads a specific page URL

 👋Hi there, HubSpot Community! I'm Julia, a technical writer for the HubSpot Knowledge Base. I help curate content for our Sales Hub and Conversations tools. I want to share a tip about a cool feature that you can use with your live chats. 


After you create a live chat for your website pages, you can automatically open a chat widget when a visitor loads a specific page URL. You can add this URL to your CTAs, marketing emails, or other content to send visitors directly to your sales and services team. 


  • Navigate to the page on your website where there is a chatflow. 
  • In the URL toolbar, add #hs-chat-open to the end of the page URL. 



  • Copy the link. 
  • You can now add the link to your emails, landing pages, or other marketing campaigns. 

You can add the link to a CTA as the external website URL redirect, then add this CTA to your marketing emails or landing pages.  add-url-to-cta.png


Or you can share this link directly with a contact when sending them a one-to-one email in the CRM. 




When a contact clicks the link and the page loads, the chat widget will automatically pop open so they can immediately start a chat conversation. 



How would you use this feature to get contacts in touch with your team?


Please note: if you're a web developer or are working with a developer on your team, you can also use the Conversations SDK to automatically open the chat widget when a contact clicks a link or button. Learn how to open to a specific chatflow on a page

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