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[Discussion] Digital experience + CRM = ...

Discussion: What’s possible when you combine your digital experience with your CRM 


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If you’ve read Dharmesh’s blog post on the digital experience then you’ve heard a story of why marrying your data with your digital experience is important. Now, we want to hear from you - what are some great examples of a digital experience and CRM data creating a world class experience? Have you found a website or experience so easy and logical that you don’t even think of it as a personalized digital experience? 


Share your experiences and examples below!


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[Discussion] Digital experience + CRM = ...

Can’t agree more with Josh. Relevancy has always been the core of CRM success because people best react to offers relevant to them. It’s much more difficult to convince people they need something and only then sell it, and the results of such marketing campaigns are usually not the best. Online users also search for something they need or like, and the business’s way is to give them what they want to make money. At least, it’s the way I see it. I think this is what companies like Planfix CRM do: they help businesses better adapt themselves to peoples’ needs and interact with them.

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Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner

[Discussion] Digital experience + CRM = ...

Hi @jennysowyrda,


Great discussion topic!


In my experience, the most impactful thing has been relevancy. Email or website, being able to personalize the experience for customers vs. leads, or MQLs vs opportunities makes it more impactful and improves the overall experience for the person on the other end.


I also LOVE the ability to serve advertising to specific lists using the HubSpot Ads tool and the ABM tool. This is a great addition to a comprehensive ABM strategy. This is powerful for the same reasons I mention above, but from an ABM perspective it's a great way to get your brand in front of your ABM targets.


Looking forward to hearing what others have to say on this topic!



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