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HubSpot does not currently have a permanent fix related to an issue we are having related to duplicate contact handling. We are not able to support the feature where HubSpot moves contacts between CRM accounts in an attempt to consolidate duplicates. We need HubSpot to leave our contacts within the account we have them housed in, even if there are duplicate contacts. While we try our best to de-duplicate contacts within any given account, there are times when a business need arises where a duplicate may need to exist across several different accounts or properties. We need HubSpot to ensure that a contact is not moved out of the account we’ve left it in if HubSpot deems the contact to be a duplicate.


When contacts are relocated within the CRM without us doing this ourselves, it causes both data integrity issues for our downstream ERP system, as well as data access/security concerns when any of those contacts are potentially community access authorized against an account and are now moved to a new account. It seems as if the HubSpot connection to Salesforce wasn’t archived in such a way to account for a seamless integration between the two systems, which seem to have different mechanisms for how they handle duplicates, and should be updated to allow these behaviors to be enabled or disabled as desired by customer business needs and not always enforced as they are today.


We see that other customers have raised this in the Community. 


Note that we initially posted the above issue on the Community as an idea in May. We have yet to have a permanent fix.  HubSpot has provided some guidance to reduce occurrences, and while the volume of occurrences has declined quite significantly, we do occasionally see an account association removed. Because this could result in a significant security breach, we are having to have people monitor the system daily. Therefore, it is still very important to us that there is a permanent fix for this.

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The connector doesn't "move contacts around", specifically. The unique identifier on a HubSpot contact is the email address. If you create or update a Salesforce record with a duplicate email, the connector will start syncing to that duplicate record instead.

If your organization has a need for duplicate records with the same email in Salesforce, you may want to try a combination of duplicate rules, and/or storing the email in a custom field with an email data type in Salesforce instead.

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.