Wordpress Plugin Reduces Site Performance

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I've had to uninstall the Hubspot Wordpress Plug-in from my website as it was responsible for a 20% reduction in performance. 


The forms work, but now I no longer have access to the Cookies notification and Live Chat options. Please see the performance reports here Website Performance


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Hi @dawngribble,


As the plugin is a way to install the HubSpot Tracking Code onto all of your WordPress pages, if you believe it is slowing down your site you can install the Tracking Code manually into your pages using the instructions below:




Thank you,

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So, in case anyone else comes across this post, there is absolutely no difference in terms of performance between the Hubspot plugin ( Contact Form Builder for WordPress – Conversion Tools by HubSpot ) and the manually inserting code. It produces the same results. 


with hubspot plugin enabled.pngHubspot Plugin Enabled


hubspot code manually inserted.pngHubspot Code Manually Inserted



And without either of those options (no Hubspot tracking code at all):

no plugin no tracking.pngWithout Hubspot Code


The trouble is that all the resources for Hubspot to work come from multiple domains with each requiring a DNS lookup for the page to render:

  • js.hs-analytics.net: 1 component, 73.5K (24.6K GZip)
  • js.hsleadflows.net: 1 component, 364.3K (58.2K GZip)
  • js.hs-scripts.com: 1 component, 1.0K (0.5K GZip)
  • track.hubspot.com: 1 component, 0.04K
  • forms.hubspot.com: 1 component, 3.3K (1.2K GZip)

This is really outrageous. Some of us work very hard to create fully optimized websites. Then we want to use Hubspot and we're punished for it. All our hard work goes out the window. Please fix this.


On behalf of everyone who cares about quality coding, please send this up the chain to your CTO and figure out a way to host all your assets on fewer than 5 different domains/subdomains.