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Test and Debug your Custom Code Action

What it is

You can now test and debug custom code actions in workflows.


We've also added a few other updates to custom code actions to improve the experience:

  • Dark mode
  • Links to our code examples and knowledge documentation
  • UI updates for secrets and outputs

Custom Code and other programmable automation features are available in Operations Hub Professional.


Why it matters

Impeccable internal processes aren't created with the flip of a switch. They're crafted and tested behind the scenes until they're ready for action.


This is especially true when writing code. Ops teams and developers want and expect a seamless testing and debugging environment. With this update, it's faster and easier to test code within workflows, so you can feel confident in your automation before pushing it live.


How it works

Navigate to your workflows, create an action, and choose "Custom Code." You'll see that the action has been split into "Create Action" and "Test Action".


Once you're done with writing your code, selecting your secrets, and defining your outputs, you can either immediately save your action or you can test it. By clicking on "Test Action", you will then be prompted to select the object you'd like to test this on (we recommend creating a test one) and then click "Test".




Once it runs, you will be shown the outputs that the code generated as well as any logs that you defined in your code.





If you need to make any edits, you can scroll back up to "Create Action", edit your code, and then complete the test process again. Once you're confident with your code, hit save and finish building out your workflow


For more information on how to use the custom code action go here.