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[Live Now] Mobile QR Code Scanner

What is it?

The QR code scanner enables salespeople to quickly create and save new contacts in their CRM through a simple two-step process by easily reading a QR code.


Scanning QR codes complements HubSpot’s mobile app business card scanning offering when meeting in-person prospects and leads at events, such as, conventions, conferences or trade shows.


Why does it matter?

QR codes are nowadays everywhere, more than ever. Events, for example, are no different. More and more this technology is being rolled out by event organizers to facilitate contact info interchange among buyers and sellers when attending events.


In person events are back again and our sales reps are now getting out more on the field to network in person at these events. Scanning a QR code is a straightforward way to capture contact information directly into your CRM.


How does it work?

Sales reps can access the QR code scanner either by navigating directly to the 'More' tab within the Mobile HubSpot app, when creating a new contact straight on the mobile CRM page or long tapping the HubSpot app icon and accessing it through the home screen shortcut.


Once tapped, the phone camera is triggered and ready to be pointed to the QR code. QR code is read and encoded vCard type contact information fields are read and displayed in the HubSpot mobile app for final confirmation. Sales reps can edit or add any missing contact fields before confirming and creating the new contact in their CRM.




Who gets it?

The QR Code Scanner is now available both on iOS and Android platforms to 100% of our customers. To access it, please download the latest HubSpot mobile app from Apple Store or Google Playstore respectively.