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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Introducing Database-Driven Content within HubSpot using HubDB

Integrating a database into your website is a technical process that typically requires a developer to spend significant time planning, creating, and then integrating with your website. As a result, I.T. often retains control of the database after it's first implemented. But the benefits of a database extend far beyond just developers. Marketers can utilize databases to have one central location to update content across numerous pages with ease. Today we're happy to introduce HubDB, a relational database within HubSpot that allows developers to easily create database-driven content embedded within website and landing pages, and marketers the ability to easily update content within the database.

Using HubDB you can build  team resources pages, event listings, product listings, and virtually any other content that would utilize a database to load content across one, or multiple pages. For more information on using HubDB, read the resources article here.


To access HubDB, simply click this link, or login to your portal and go to Content >Website Pages and in the lower-left is a link for HubDB.

HubDB is now available for all customers with the Website Add-on ($300 version).