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[HubSpot Connect] - Intercom Integration

What does this integration partner do?

Intercom offers a suite of messaging-first products. This includes a web and in-app chat feature (Messages), a shared team inbox (Inbox), and a knowledge base solution (Articles).

What does this integration enable?
The integration automatically sends all of the leads you generate with Intercom to HubSpot and logs Intercom conversations on the contact timeline of leads and customers.


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How might Marketing and Sales use this integration?
This integration creates a seamless bond between HubSpot and Intercom. Sales and marketing teams using HubSpot and Intercom can immediately benefit from a shared data including.

  • The ability to send leads from Intercom to HubSpot, which means you never miss an opportunity to nurture a lead or close a deal with HubSpot workflows or targeted emails.
  • View HubSpot data in your Intercom Inbox, so you have all the context you need when chatting with a lead.
  • Log conversations with leads in HubSpot on the contact timeline, giving you a complete picture of every lead’s journey with your company.
  • Use conversations as triggers in your HubSpot workflows, so all your communications with a lead are coordinated.  
  • Build lists and segments based on Intercom chat data.



Who gets it:
The integration is free for HubSpot customers who also have a subscription to Intercom (users need at least Messages Essential or Inbox Essential)

How-to integrate:

This integration is built and supported by Intercom. Customers can reach out to them for support:

Date Available to Customers:
Now Live

Languages Support?
All languages supported by HubSpot

Integration page: