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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Heads Up] New Forms Editor Available for Opt-In

What is it?
The new forms editor, which has been in beta for the past couple of months, is now available for Opt-in for all HubSpot users. 


Why it matters
The forms editor in HubSpot has gotten a brand new look, and a variety of new functions have been added so that you can easily create dynamic conversion points for your prospects and leads.

What has changed:
Overall, we’ve improved the user experience of the Forms editor with updates like:

  • Field options are now editable on the left of the forms builder so you can see a realistic preview of how the form will look at all times - no more pop up modals
  • You can now re-order dropdown/radio/checkbox options right within the forms editor
  • UI changes for Progressive and Dependent Fields
  • If you delete a user from your portal, they’ll be removed from receiving form notifications as well
  • Quicker and Easier form building, including the option to filter by frequently used fields
  • The ability to view all unpublished changes, and revert back to the last saved version

On top of these improvements, we have also added some functionality, including:

  • The new forms tool is the first editor to utilize the immersive editing experience. You’ll see that the main HubSpot Navigation has been removed from the screen, giving you less distractions and more space to work with.
  • On top of notifying specific users when any contact submits a form, you can now notify the HubSpot owner of an already existing contact that they have submitted a form.
  • The ability to save a draft of the form, without taking those changes live
  • A “Learn More” option to help users get started with a specific part of the forms tool

You can now Opt-in to using the new Forms editor. The old Forms editor will still be available for the next couple of weeks, after which this editor will become the default.