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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Enhanced Slack Integration for Account-Based Collaboration

Now live are three new features to the Slack Integration that enables you to collaborate around your target accounts by having a dedicated Slack channel for all team members.
These features will provide the ability to:
  1. Create a Slack channels with deal/company workflows
  2. Regularly post important KPIs using reports command
  3. Write notes to/from your Slack channel
For businesses selling and marketing to enterprises, deals and customers get pretty complicated.
You have expressed the pain that figuring out what’s going on with an account is a big challenge, and you want to work out of Slack, even if the data is in HubSpot, because Slack is the system of communication used by everyone at your company.
Imagine you are a sales rep and you have a target account that you have identified with your team. You are all excited about the opportunity with this account, and you want to get everyone across the team, involved in the conversation - from marketing, sales, legal, product etc
The updated HubSpot-built app for Slack features new Account-Based Collaboration tools that allow you to do just that.
The features include:
1. The ability to create a Slack channel from Deal and Company Workflows that links to the record in the description of the channel
 Workflows - Slack
2. Use a /hs-report-company command to post a notification that collect core KPIs about an account and puts it in a Slack channel, KPIs include:
  • # of associated contacts (plus time-based change)
  • # of associated deals with stage
  • # of visits
  • # of pageviews
 Reporting - Slack

3. When you leave a note (or edit one) on a company record (or any contact record associated with that company) that note is shared directly to the Slack channel.

 Note - Slack
If you already have the Slack app installed, you'll need to go to your Connected Apps page and re-authenticate your Slack app. 
These new features are now live and available to all Sales and Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers in all languages supported by HubSpot.