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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Deep Dive into Your Workflow Performance

Let's say you've made some tweaks to your favorite lead nurturing workflow over the last few months --- swapped out some email copy, changed a delay, and added a new if/then branch. When making changes to your assets, it's pivotal to have the necessary data to determine whether your optimizations are having a positive impact. With HubSpot's refreshed Workflow Performance interface, we've made it easy to pinpoint what's working and what's not in your Workflows.

To find the new data, navigate to Contacts > Workflows, and click into any of your active workflows. Click over to the Performance section, and you’ll see the following screen:  


The top section summarizes overall performance of the workflow, with the number of contacts ever enrolled, the number of active contacts, along with the conversion rate.

The Contact Performance chart compares the number of contacts who were enrolled in the workflow vs. the number who completed the workflow vs. the number lost vs. the number who met the goal. This can be filtered by date range to compare the performance of the workflow over different time periods. Not sure exactly what each of these terms entails? We've got you covered.

  • Contacts enrolled: The number of contacts currently in the workflow.
  • Contacts completed: The number of contacts who finished the final step of the workflow.
  • Contacts who met goal: The number of contacts who were added to the goal list and subsequently removed from the workflow.
  • Contacts lost: The number of contacts who don't meet any of the other three criteria. This category includes those who were manually unenrolled, suppressed, or removed as a result of enrollment in another workflow.

The bottom half shows the same email performance graphs that you're used to: 

Once you have a high-level sense of how contacts flow through a specific workflow over time, you'll likely want to deep dive into the set of contacts who fell into a certain bucket --- enrolled, completed, lost, or met goal --- for that workflow. As a specific example from our own marketing playbook, HubSpot uses lead nurturing workflows to nurture our contacts from ebook downloads towards software demos and trials. When measuring the success of these workflows, it's not only important to determine the quantity of contacts who ended up signing up for demos, but also to be able to identify those contacts in order to track their continued progression through the funnel. With several newly-available options in HubSpot's list segmentation tool, you can now create a list around any of the workflow statuses listed above. 


The refreshed Workflow Performance screen and new list segmentation filters are now available to all HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers. Check out the new data in your own Workflows now.