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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Build Dynamic Pages using HubDB

When you're creating multiple pages across your website that look similar, it can be a hassle to put together each one individually. From choosing the template, to adding all the content, it's repetitive and time-consuming. But now there's a better way.

With Dynamic Pages you can dynamically create pages that are seo-friendly and get page-specific analytics -- all from one database. This means content creation, and updating pages like your team management, or product listings can all be done from one place.

When should I use Dynamic Pages?

Dynamic Pages are great for repetable pages that follow a template you already have setup. For example, if you were creating a brand-new version of the HubSpot Team Management page dynamic pages would allow you to do so quickly all from one database.

Here are some other common ways you can utilize dynamic pages with HubSpot:

  • Product / automotive / real-estate Listings
  • Team members pages
  • Office or store locations

How to Access Dynamic Pages

Navigate to HubDB within your HubSpot portal from Content > Website Pages. In the lower-left corner you'll see a link for HubDB that will let you create a brand-new database, or update any existing database that's already been created.

hubdb-table-example (1).jpg

For full instructions implementing this table with your content, and creating dynamic pages, read more about creating dynamic pages using HubDB.

Note: In order to access HubDB you must have a HubSpot account with the $300 Website Add-on.