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Workflow Descriptions

I really wish there was a way for us to have descriptions for EVERY workflow type, not just contact workflows. As I look to expand the Admin userbase for our instance, I'm finding it incredibly cumbersome and very time-consuming to have to continually explain to a new user the purpose of one of our 50+ workflows, what the intent was, who made it and why, etc. A description will also allow our company to have continuity with constant personnel changes coming into and out of our system and company.


PLEASE roll this out ASAP to all workflow types.

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I agree to this 100%! I find myself presenting automation series to other teams that have no idea how workflows work and prefer high level explanations. Having a workflow description for every type of workflow will still allow me to walk them through the flows so they can fully understand the processes, while having a high level description to show them in real time without having to get into the weeds.

Please add this!!!


Agree - this is an easy win! 

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Totally agree. I'm just creating a new Deal Worflow for a client, and hadn't realised that only Contact Workflows only allow you to add a Description! That's a bit crazy and not very consistent as a user experience 😜


I would also like to be able to display that Description as a column in the Workflow View, so it's much easier to interpret the impact one Workflow may have on another. 


Please can we add this VERY soon, HubSpot! 🙏🏻


Totally agree. Is simple like a coding best practice since the workflows are becoming each time more powerfulls and complex. I've already seen several ones build a year or two in the past, nobody knows who created it and what it does, it can't be turned off and if one must change anything it might take several minutes or hours to understand. 


Yes! Being able to comment AND add a description to every type of workflow is essential. Having just taken a MOPs role where nothing much from 3-4 predecessors was documented has been quite the process of discovery and reverse engineering and I want to leave clues for future me as to what I was thinking 🙂


100% Agree. Why have this arbitratry limitation to make it avaialble only for contact based workflows. Also the display of added descriptions could be improved. Right now the window is too small to read the description comfortably for longewr stories.


100% agree with this idea and also what @mamersfoort said about the window being too small. And to add to that, it's too hard to find the descriptions in the first place. It should be displayed in the details view so that if somebody new pulls it up, they can see right away what the description's purpose is.