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Hi, I have a question about Files in HubSpot. There are SO many files Unused on any pages and I'm going to archive them eventually. But it takes too long to figure out which file is used or not. (Currently I click each file and see the detail but it takes too long...) Is there any good/quick way to see if each file (image,pdf,video etc) is used or not? Thank you for your help!

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We have the same issue. Going through hundreds of images used on pages, emails etc. or not is not practical. We would need a filter to see what is actually used - so we can then archive the rest. 


At the moment, there is no other way then click on one image and see where it is used. It would incredible helpfull to have this feature, maybe as kind of a filter, where you can select "Filter unused files".



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Another comment clamoring for this! After a company has been in HubSpot several years and has gone through at least one website redesign, file manager gets pretty cluttered with old files. I would love to be able to see all unused files in one view and clean them up that way, vs clicking on every individual file (which is not realistic when you have 5+ years of images, docs, videos, etc.).

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As a partner, I think this would be a great idea.

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How does this only have 13 upvotes? 

The file manager is a nightmare without this.


Yes!! Desperately need this type of feature!

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This is a must have feature!! As a partner we strive to help our clients keep their portal clean and easy to use. With so many files, it takes hours to sift through for unused files that can be removed.


Definitely would be very helpful to have the option to sort images by unused and remove those from HubSpot in bulk instead of individually. This would help us keep up our files organized and clean. Right now it is a very time consuming and inefficient process to review. 


Any updates on this idea ?


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Absolutely need this.  Folders get into such a mess and I think that any functionality called "File Manager" needs some housekeeping functionality built in.


Adding a filter for unused files would take Hubspot no time to develop. Clearly, a file is already being marked if unused. How much storage could their platform free up with such a simple enhancement? Seems like a benefit to HubSpot as well. 



If the database has a field at the object level as to if it is used somewhere or not, then it makes no sense to me that we can't pull a report on that column (even if it were a manually built report that would better than nothing).


I see a lot of comments on this, but no reply from anyone @hubspot 


Hope to see a reply from Hubspot on this as Admin tasks are important too!


This would in fact be very valuable!


Yes! This would be really useful!


This would be a great feature!

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Desperately need this. This would be extremely helpful!


Agreed! This would be incredibly useful. And equally beneficial to Hubspot as it would clean up storage space. 


I need this, too!!!

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Hi there! I am a member of the HubSpot Customer Support department. I was just working with a customer who was seeking a way to place an API call to determine "File usage" for all Files in HubSpot. After reviewing our API documentation for files, I did not find any endpoint that allows for this. Researching other methods to identify and sort unused files lead me to this idea post. I agree that it would be extremely helpful to have an ability to identify unused files so that files may be quickly and easily deleted from the in the portal, to keep data clean and organized. I hope this will be something the product team will consider soon for our customers. Thank you!

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Hi, There, 
Yep, it is very useful for the filter function in the file manager. 
But Is there any way to get this 'file usage' status using HubSpot File API? 

Looking forward the proper solution. 

Thank you.