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Threading individual emails in sequence

Sometime I just want to thread one or two messages within a sequence, and not the whole thing. In Yesware, this can be done simply by leaving the subject line blank next template that you want to thread (Yesware will automatically add a re: subject line).


To be a valuable option that is comparable to Yesware, Hubspot also needs to add more customizability in threading rather than just all or none.

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July 27, 2023 12:49 PM

In Beta
May 18, 2023 12:30 PM

Hi Community, 


I'm updating this idea to "In Beta"! As of today, Selective Email Threading for Sequences is in Public Beta and available for you to opt in. With this update, sequence email threading is no longer all or nothing.

You'll see the ability to choose whether each email sends as a reply to a previous email in the sequence or starts a new thread in the recipient's inbox:


To modify an existing step's threading behavior, select Actions > Edit threading:



Here's a quick refresher on how to opt your account into a public beta feature. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback! 




Being Reviewed
April 19, 2020 04:40 PM

Hi Community, 


I'm updating this idea to "Being Reviewed". We're beginning to explore some ways both technically how and where we can plan for this work. Before getting started, I'll typically speak with a number of folks about your differnt use-cases and the core problem you are hoping will be solved with anything we develop here.


If you'd be interested in providing some more feedback to help us scope out the work, you can fill out this form to participate.




January 09, 2020 12:29 PM

Hi Community, 


Thanks everyone for sharing some insight and perspectives on this request. I apologize for not updating you all earlier, no excuse for that and I'll make sure to be more communicative going forward. 


I share all of your feelings that this is an important feature, and one that allows folks to implement specific strategies in sending make sequences more effective when worked into a sales process.


We've been giving this thought and put together some concept designs for how this might look in HubSpot's sequences: 



The above is just a concept, and based on some other updates coming to sequences in the next several weeks, will likely look different from what the final design would be.


There are several scenarios and dependencies and that we are sorting out, but as this feature gets added to our work in planning, I will update here and be glad to speak directly with folks about how we might develop the above feature.

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Agreed. For example, your first two emails might be threaded:


Email 1 in sequence

Subject line: Can we have a quick call, <FirstName>?


Email 2 in sequence

Subject line: RE: Can we have a quick call, <First Name>? (THREADING ON)


Email 3 in sequence

Subject line: ROI on your mind? (THREADING OFF)


Please upvote 👍 to the 👉 if you want to improve your use of HubSpot's sequence templates.




I agree! We used this feature in Groove and it was awesome!


This feature is a must, I am considering HubSpot but this single simple feature is making us rethink...

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this is a must.  all major outbound email systems have this.....   it's a bit shocking to see this lack of basic commonsense in the design of the sequences module.


hubspot's 'all or nothing threading' essentially makes threading useless.  You should typically only thread a few emails ...if we have to thread ALL of them you can't test any other subject lines in the entire sequence, thereby rendering the whole data driven AB testing model useless


Creating an email cadence is an art. Having a mix of touch points, email subjects, and threading, is important to approaching prospects from all angles.


I would love to see Hubspot offer Email Threading that can be utilized between Cadence Steps - but not every email. This allows for follow up that can be fwd'd while also a sequence that opens new lines of communication.


This is also a feature SalesLoft provides and was effective when I used that tool.


Creating an email cadence is an art. Having a mix of touch points, email subjects, and threading, is important to approaching leads from all angles.


I would love to see Hubspot offer Email Threading that can be utilized between Cadence Steps - but not every email. This allows for follow up that can be fwd'd while also a sequence that opens new lines of communication.


This is also a feature in SalesLoft that is highly effective.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @RealDR, appreciate you taking the time to submit this idea! Chatting about this with my team, we were wondering if you would be able to provide an example of what you mean by email threading and cadence steps in this case? Thanks! 


Absolutely - Thanks for the follow up.


The ideal cadence involves a strategic mix of bumps (threads) and new emails (non-threads). Therefore, when developing a cold outreach sequence, the most effective will not be 1 long threaded email but would include a few emails that are threaded + new subject lines on new threads. 


Happy to detail this more over the phone (along with two other pieces of feedback: enabling tokens in email subject line & adding the option to make a sequence manual instead of automatic.)

HubSpot Product Team

Appreaciate the follow up @RealDR, I have a much clearer understanding now. I've shared your feedback with a couple colleagues internally who work a little closer to the Sequences product than I do, they should be in touch soon to chat about this in a little more detail with you. Thanks again! 


Agreed! This is standard in other email tools and surprising that Hubspot does not have it. 


Agree to all of the above ^ This seems like a very simple solution to a lot of people's sequencing headaches through Hubspot. OP was a year ago, hoping it can be addressed soon.


I agree with everyon on this thread. Hubspot needs the ability to create a sequence with several different email threads. This is  standard in Outreach and Saleslost and necessary to be a leading sales automation tool. 


Hi there, just wanted to pipe in here and echo the comments that others have noted.


Ideally I would like to have my first two emails threaded and then my next two would each have their own subject lines. I'm making it work by creating tasks in the sequences after the first two emails reminding me to send a specific template, but definitely takes extra effort to do it this way.


It would be great to have more flexibility on what is/isn't chained on sequences.


Currently when building Sequences in Hubspot, there is only one setting - either ALL emails are on the same thread, or none of them are.

It would be great to be able to toggle on/off whether the sequence is sending to the thread, or sending a new email.


For example, after a couple of emails on one thread, we want to send a "We're closing your enquiry" email, so want to be able to have a new Subject line, so a new email.  (You can currently set a task to do this, but would be better if it was an automated email)


I agree on this. We need this feature. I'm shocked that you can only toggle this among an entire sequence and not an individual email. Major oversight.


Threading some and not all would be extremely useful.


In addition, the threads don't look like threads in the subject line. The original subject line appears the exact same as the first email. If you send a follow-up email from any other platform, even if the receiver has not replied, the "Re:" shows up. When you start someone in a sequence the sequence shows the "Re:" in the subject line but is not delivered as such. 


We would like to have the option to choose for every email if we want it to be a new one or threaded to the conversation, instead of being ALL new, or ALL threaded.


Yes, I agree. There are manu times I just need to thread 2 emails together, not all of them. This would be a VERY valuable feature.


Please add this, forcing the thread of every email in a cadence just doensn't make sense nor does creating a task to send an threaded email. 


Hey Hubspot!

If you are getting this, if you are considering the possibility of making this happen, or if you simply decided not to do it, It would be nice to know.