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Select Users to Require Two-factor Authentication (2FA)



Currently in Hubspot, there is the option to require multi factor authentication for all users which is great. However we have a few users without a company provided mobile phone/number, such as customer service. Because of this we can not turn this setting on.


What we would like is the ability to select which users must enable multifactor authentication. In this way we can require it for the vast majority of our users with limited exceptions. The goal here being to increase security.




Tauriq Samad

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I like this idea! It would be good if you could put Require Two-factor Authentication (2FA) in Roles. For example the role Super Admin is requried to have 2FA turned on. 


+1 to Roles


I'm having some issues getting my team in China to be able to get 2FA set up as well, so it would be great if I could turn it on for selected users.


I also like this Idea to have some way to set who should not have the 2FA. We have SSO enabled to all internal users which have 2FA in front of the SSO. Externals are then using the Hubspot provided 2FA. Currently this making internal users to have 2FA twice which is not ideal.