Restrict access to File Manager


The File area should give the ability to restrict access to folders based on Users&Team,

so that the sales team do not messes with marketing files, and some content can be restricted based on users or team

ex: area for investors -> files should not be viewable by any sales trainee working in HubSpot



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Yes I agree, this is a huge concern for us.  A basic user has access to delete our website files, this would cause so much damage.  They might simply be trying to eliminate files thinking they don't need them.  


Also, when they add files from a record, it adds to the main file database, which will clutter the files and give all users access to sensitive files.  We need to restrict total access to the file manager, but allow attachments to records that will not be hosted in the file manager.  Also, creating folders for attachments in each record would be extremely beneficial.  Thank you


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Yes! I completely agree. I want to send personalized emails from different users with a PNG or JPEG of their signatures, but its very tricky because I don't want eveyrone utilizing our platform to have access to those signatures. Itt would be great to be able to seaparte them out by team.

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Totally agree!