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Refreshing custom code secrets

Hi folks,


I'm using several external APIs in workflow custom code actions which require their API tokens to be regularly refreshed.


I could create a separate workflow to refresh these tokens on a regular basis, but I have no way of storing them anywhere in Hubspot. I also do not want to refresh the tokens every time my workflows run.


Ideally there would be a Hubspot API endpoint which would enable me to update our custom code secrets, but that doesn't currently exist.


Thanks in advance.

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As an update I've ended up using HubDB to store my access token. It's not ideal because it's visible, but it works.


I'd still much prefer to have the ability to update my custom code secrets using a Hubspot API endpoint.


Example use case: Zoominfo's API requires the refreshing of the JWT every 60 minutes but specifically prohibits the use of the authentication endpoint more than once a second. Enhanced secret management, whether it's the handling of additional authentication method, or a secret endpoint, would be very much welcome.



This functionality would also help me. I'm building out some integration with the Webex API and the access token has to be renewed fairly often.