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Is it possible to create reocurring tasks, such Ticklers?  I like to set-up ticklers to contact  certain customers on a regular basis.  Is this possible in Hubspot?



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Hi HubSpot Community!


Scott from the product team here. We're actively building recurring tasks and excited to be rolling this out in the coming months.  


Here's a sneak peak of how it will work:




If you're interested in getting beta access to this feature once it's available, please take a moment to fill out this short beta form:



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Agreed. We have semi-regular tasks (birthday phone calls, etc.) that recur every year. It would be nice to be able to have recurring tasks. 

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HubSpot Employee

 @Kimberly I agree, reoccurring tasks would be great, however, I did want to mention that if you're a marketing customer with access to workflows, you can setup annual tasks by using a workflow.  You can create a property based workflow centered about, for example, a birthdate and select the option to reoccur annually.  You can add a step in the WF of "Create a Task".  This will reinitiate the workflow each year based on that property and set the desired task.

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Hmmm... that's an interesting idea. I might play with it a bit, although it is not as straightforward as just having recurring tasks, it might be a workaround to use in the meantime. Thanks for sharing!

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Hey guys,


I'm wanting to schedule a reminder for myself each Friday using the 'task' function on a customer's account so I can be reminded to go in and make adjustments for her weekly order. I've been told this isn't a thing yet, so I'll have to do it on my iPhone, but it would be awesome to have it integrated into Hubspot so I can have everything under one hood Smiley Happy



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That only seems to allow for annual recurrence. Is there another workaround for monthly or weekly tasks?

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Recurring tasks is a pretty stock-standard feature of any task management soution; it makes no sense to use a very limited (only offers a yearly recuring task) and complex 'workaround' which isn't even offered on every level of the platform. 

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Yes we need this!

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Also dreaming of the ability to create Gantt charts, dependencies in HubSpot. I was a huge fan of Wrike when I used it. 



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We would like to have the ability to create recurring tasks as well. 



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Great idea. Currently scheduling Google Cal events for bi-weekly/monthly reminders, and would love to have this all in HubSpot.