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Recommended Email Send Day/Time

Similar to how HubSpot suggests certain times for social media posts, it'd be great to have this feature for emails and for it to be specific to your account. So once an email is drafted, HubSpot recommends the best day/time to send based on all of your past email sends. It'd also be great to have something similar to this - some sort of report or graph (like the email health chart) that shows the days that are best for you to send emails and the times per day that are best (based on open and/or CTR).

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I'm honestly shocked this hasn't been upvoted and added way more! If I could upvote this 1,000 I would

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here

Understand we do have some tools:
(1) Reports can't see exact timestamp 
(2) Analyze tab in marketing email doesn't generate the best timing to send out email
(3) Best we can do is engagement over time under each marketing email > but would be great to have this as a summary tool under Analyze tab.

Cheers (:


Is there any update on this? Would be great to be able to pull timestamped data myself and work out the best time to send an email.

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This seems like one of the biggest opportunities for HubSpot to provide insight and remove friction with the core marketing tools - the data exists within the platform and with the ability to use the "send later" feature for sales 1:1 emails there is already a foundation for the tech.