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Pipeline performance report (conversion rate)

We are seriously missing a very basic report in the HubSpot dashboard. 


We need to see the success rate of a pipeline. % conversion to WON 


You have all the numbers at hand for one or multiple pipelines.
W = All deals in WON stages

L = All deals in LOST stages

N = L + W
Conversion rate = (W/N)*100 


Show this over time, by day, week, month, year or rolling days, you know how it goes.
And make it possible to group it by team, team member or source and more. 


I simply cannot comprehend how this does not already exist as a standard report.


Please up-vote, so we can get this basic report added ASAP!

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Agreed - this is a very basic Sales Report that all businesses need access to. Upvoted!


This is such a vital piece of information in the "wheel" or funnel or whatever we are calling it these days. Marketing can't measure if the leads they gave Sales were any good if we don't have a conversion rate for pipelines. 


Adding my vote! 


Has anybody found a 3rd party integration to help do this? 


Just saw this post. This information is available under Sales analytics -> Sales outcomes -> Deals won & lost, right?

Here you see the number of deals won of total deals, calculated in a %, with the option to filter on specifics and you can select a time range.





Thanks! That is exactly what I'm looking for!

This needs to be addressed asap because this is critical to any sales team and the current service provided by Hubspot **bleep**. 


When are we expected to see this?


Urgently looking to understand if this has now been implemented?


Any update on this? 


Does anyone know if this has been implemented or not?


I have also spoken about this report to our HubSpot rep for our company and when they told me that HubSpot couldn't calculate the conversion rate between stages I was shocked. This seems like a non-negotiable to me. Why even create that report if it doesn't easily tell you the conversion rate between stages? It also doesn't show in the report the win rate in the way I would expect- the win rate disappears once I put the report on a dashboard. I have to go back and re-create the report each time to see the win rate. It's very frustrating to see that this request has been going on for years and nothing has been done about it yet. Please take a look at this and consider updating the report so it can do the bare minimum for what sales teams are looking for. Thank you. 


Adding my vote! 

Add my vote!

Agreed, please prioritize this. Being able to do % conversions between each stage, relative to going to the next stage and also relative to Closed/Won.


Stage 1

80% convert to Stage 2

16% convert to Closed/Won

Stage 2

72% convert to Stage 3

22% convert to Closed/Won



Right now for Cumulative Conversions Funnel, we have to look up each owner individually to find out their data which ends up not happening and being super inconvenient. This needs to be an individual comparative report like a standard sales report, its much more beneficial and easy to see opportunities in the data when laid out differently.


Would be great, as the data already exists for HS, if they could change the structure so we could put contact owner on the Y axis. This way a director, who has 30 plus sales reps, can easily identify which reps excel at certain steps and others have constraints. 


This report is simple yet extremely important, shows how many total leads a rep received, of those leads how many they booked (opportunity), and of those bookings how many they sold (customer). Also gives accumulative conversions, overall conversion which is a big metric for us. 


We want to know, easily with comparative stats, if we give a rep 100 leads how many they converted to our customers (would also be great having all teams visible against each other). Also, show them how they stack up against the team. Right now we have sales teams with 30 people on them. To extract this takes a lot of time, the data is already there. 

This is a report we had before hubspot, the only one we really used. 
Would be so amazing if this could happen, thanks!

Hello, at we have an app called HubPulse that features this report. We offer a free 7-day trial. If you have any questions or are interested, feel free to contact us at

Below is a screenshot of how it works.