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The ability to break forms up into 2-3 steps. Gradually asking for more information would be useful. See Unbounce's feature:


Their are plenty of studies to suggest that these can increase long form conversions.

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Feb 26, 2019

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If you do this, definitely should have a form "abandonment" where if someone stops half way through.

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This feature would be extremely helpful. This is one of the reasons we still use Unbounce. 

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@jsnstephenson @willcurran I'm working on a solution for this kind of functionality. 


If you ask HubSpot here are their current "solutions":


  1. Create one huge form with smart fields that redirects back to itself (clunky UX).
  2. Create X amount of forms and redirect to new landing pages with each submission (clunky UX and creates unecessary LP clutter).

These really aren't great solutions - making a user reload the page inbetween each submission isn't ideal (especially on slower loading sites). 


WebMechanix built a prototype that takes #2 from above but with the following upgrades:


  1. Removes the need for refreshing/redirecting to a new page on each step
  2. Adds the capability to go backwards to previous steps
  3. Google Analytics event and virtual pageview tracking built in - (for creating Goal funnels to see abandonment).
  4. Ability to use conditional fields between each form step - (e.g: ask a true/false question on step 1 then show fields in steps 2/3 depending on the answer in step 1).

Here's a blog post about the tool and a short video demo:


We're working on getting this into a working beta - but we need feedback first - would you be willing to fill out our feedback survey at the link above?

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@derekcavaliero - Yeah, for sure. I'll take a look this morning. 

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Ooo this is interesting, so it uses Hubspots forms but just creates a chain? 

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@willcurran yep, and with some bells and whistles for better UX built in. Let me know your thoughts 😄

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was reading a post on Hubspot's blog last week and noticed they are using an awesome new CTA format with an inline multistep form. Love the work. Hubspot, please share! A tutorial wound be awesome. Would love to see this added to the platform. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.33.34 AM.png



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Yes, we despersltey need this to help optimize conversions. At this stgae we're looking at using a tool called LeadFormly then feeding that data into hubspot. 


It's a real shame they don't have this feature.

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hmmm, just stumbled across this multi-step form - it looks like they're using Hubspot. If I look at 'Inspect Element' - it seems to be the same form on both pages too.


Anyone have any ideas how this is executed?

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Looks like they built a custom form that posts the data over to HubSpot directly via the API. Building a multi-step form is easy and doable if you have the techinical abilities to build it yourself - but if you want to use the native embeddable forms they don't have a feature yet.


@ndwilliams3 I also came across that blog post and new CTA and asked our partner rep about it and they said it was something custom built and isn't planned to be part of the core product 😕

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@derekcavaliero Their form suggests that a multi-step is possible. A quick look at the code suggests it's a complex hack of the existing form.


Did your partner rep give you any technical details on the implementation?




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@derekcavaliero I took a look at your post on multi-step forms and it looks promising! Do you have a working beta yet? I'm needing a multi-step form and pressed for time, so developing something myself is not really an option at the moment.

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Agreed! It would be really helpful if HubSpot offered the possibility to create multi-step forms directly through their system. 

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I'm struggling to find an external form that has multi-step logic jumps and is compatible with Hubspot. I read above that Samanthamyers tried Leadformly. How did it work out in terms of integrations with Hubspot?


I tried Typeform but we don't really like the look of it, we would rather prefer a regular form design.


Any help is highly appreciated.






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HubSpot Product Team
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We have created one you may view it here:

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We have a module for this available in teh Hubspot Marketplace

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i suggest to take some inspiration from typeform. i've tested the conversion rates on their forms vs hubspot forms and other types of forms many times and it continues to win. although there are flaws with typeform too.

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I am using @Larmahil  module and it works great. I'm working on the css to style the radio inputs as buttons for a typeform look and feel similar to typeform. Was also going to look at adding an event handler to trigger the next event on select.


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Thanks @ndwilliams3 for the idea! I might try that although that @Larmahil form doesn't look very good on mobile (see screenshot).