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Missing Features from New Conversations/Shared Inbox

Within the last several months, Hubspot updated the interface of the shared inbox and while there have been some great additions, they've made 2 changes that have made the tool much less enjoyable:


1) You can no longer pop out or manually enlarge the response window, and it only expands by ~ 5 lines as you type out a response. Prior to this update, users could pop open the response similar to a regular email on a company/contact record.

Creates an unenjoyable UX.


2) Along with the disappearance of the window pop-out is the inability to manually associate the conversation with a company, deal, or additional contacts on a response. As a result, the response only logs to the contacts page and our team needs to manually enter the contact's record after sending a response to associate that thread with the company/deal.

Especially in a B2B environment, this too is incredibly unenjoyable.


@hubspot What happened to the good ole days??

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This is mission critical for my team - we need to be able to expand the reply box because we have long email templates we need to send to customers and need to make sure we've edited everything before sending it. We also really need to have the flexibility to associate properly from the inbox so my team doesn't have to navigate away.Please bring these features back!


Being able to associate a Conversations Inbox email with another Contact, Deal or Ticket is critical for us too!

e.g. an email from a Product Provider about a client need to be associated with the client's contact record, deal, and sometimes ticket. 

We've had to disconnect our shared email from the Conversations Inbox until this is fixed.