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It would be nice to have a section in the lists where to put a description of it.

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Yes, list description would be helpful for all users to know who, what, and why the list was created.


I know HubSpot is SUPER busy and 2 upvotes won't make it to the eyes of a dev team. But if by some miracle of the development gods this crosses the desk of someone who matters, please, by Bill Gate's good graces, add this feature. It would be such a simple addition. Just think about it... You hear that? Yes, those are the sweet whispers of the coders of long past who used punch cards to send humans to the moon giving you the thousands of upvotes needed to get this feature implemented. Make Margaret Hamilton proud. Make this happen.

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A description or place to put notes would be awesome in the Lists tool!!! They're not always needed, but quite often there's more to the list than can be explained by looking at the filters, and trying to add all the infor in the list name becomes unreasonably. There's got to be a better way than having a spreadsheet or lists somewhere else with notes for lists!:)


The ability to add list descriptions would help users alot - how does this have so few upvotes?! 😱


Reason being, it's easy to have a ridiculous amount of lists in Hubspot because users create new ones without knowing one already exists for their purposes. Having list descriptions would reduce unused and/or duplicate lists, and subsequently help users keep their platform more organized.


It would also be incredibly helpful if these list descriptions could also appear on hover (the same way properties do).  


Great idea!


This would be very helpful! I was just going to post this myself but saw you already had the idea 🙌