Lead Flow Call Out Customization

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Add the ability to use custom HTML and CSS on Lead Flow call outs to match the call outs to our brand / site design.

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Jun 3, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I've been in contact with the HubSpot product team about this Idea, and I wanted to provide a quick update.


We appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared here to help our team evaluate this feature request. However, at this time, this functionality is not something our team is planning to build into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future, so feel free to leave feedback if you'd like. We'll update this thread if our plans change.

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I was trying to create a Lead Flow without a call out.

 Currently the standard Lead Flow layout is not editable, Lead Flows must contain a call out and a form.

This is not editable and the Lead Flows must contain these elements.

 However, I think in some intances it might be useful to create a Lead Flow without call out, and directly start of with the form (its one click less!). 


Best, Esther

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Yes, I definitely agree. Callouts will help if we promote an ebook because we will use banner images. But some instances, we just want to show them the callout message and form in the same screen. This is one click less which will increase conversion rate. I've even seen this in HubSpot too. It would be great if this idea gets implemented.

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+1. I would love to ditch OptinMonster and just use Lead Flows, but right now HubSpot is not even close to matching the features and customization ability of OptinMonster. Please catch up!

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Would love to have more design flexibility with the Lead Flows Signups. We're having trouble with the image looking decent on the first form but then looking not so good on the next "Callout" form. There should be a way to edit the images on all the forms. Additionally, our uploaded image stretches strangely depending on the lines of text on the forms. We don't have any control over the image size, which is not good.  

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 Agree, we'd love to have more design flexibility!


A single question when we are talking flexibility in Lead Flow Design.  Is it possible to make a text field beneath the Form Field? Meaning that you can add e.g. a disclaimer/GDPR-info in the bottom? 

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 I would love the ability to remove Hubspot's default HTML/CSS and be able to use our own – the lead flow feature is easy for our marketers to set up and administer, but unfortunately, they don't fit with our brand/style, so we can't really use them.

The important part of this, in my mind, is that I should not be forced to load all that extra Hubspot CSS. This is bad for performance, but also for overall code cleanliness – a lot of the Hubspot CSS is redundant and uses lots of "!important" declarations (which is like nails on chalkboard for most front-end developers).

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We need this at Hubspot!

We used to use Gleam and would like the same kid of features and possibilities when creating lead flows. Thank you!

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I want the experience fill out out a lead flow pop out form to be great. Currently it is really jump and really really bad on mobile. This should be a flawless experience so the pop out forms collect as much contact info as possible! 

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This must happen! The pop-up is great but the lack of design options is really an oversight.

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Yes! Need the ability to edit the pop up more.

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This would be a very especially for font type and image size. The image is so small it is really pointless. It would help to have an image that should be a flyer size to effectively show a message.

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Yes,  Please add the ability to add custom CSS.  This would make the tool so much more usable and add seamless brand integration. 

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Really something you expect automatically out of a marketing platform such as HubSpot. 

Must have customizable Lead Flows and Forms too - the current ones are too basic.

Not worth paying for OptinMonster after being on the HubSpot platform.

Product team, kindly resolve this soon!

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I really wanted the ability for custom slide-ins as well. Here's a workaround for anyone who is interested: https://web.archive.org/web/20140410164853/https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-add-a-slide-in-...


This solution allows you to create a slide in with a CTA (I use a custom image) that you can then link to a landing page and bypass the form requirement. 


Hopefully, Hubspot will provide the ability for more robust/customizable lead flows soon as they are super basic right now. 


Hope this helps!

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is it possible to customize some design elements somewhere in backend? Basically, i want to move drop down banner to bottom - currently it's displayed at top.

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I can't believe this isn't a feature. Does Hubspot expect their design to be automatically compatible with the style and theme everyone else's sites? This is super frustrating.

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I agree that customization of lead forms would be HUGE for functionality within Hubspot.  I have been contacted by two third party vendors over the last few days who want me to sign up for their products: Sumo and Wishpond.  Both of these tools are all about Lead flow generators.  They offer custom functionality like design options on the popup and A/B testing, which would be great to have in Hubspot.  I don't want to purchase these outside tools when I could have it all in one place on Hubspot.  Please consider this functionality as a near future update Smiley Happy  

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I'd very much like to see this introduced.

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We need more design options than editing the "Theme color". We need to edit the font, the button design, and the background color to stick to our CI guidelines.