Knowledge Base: Add extra fields for SEO meta-data

Our Knowledge Base is partially publicly available and indexed by Google. It features a lot of content both for existing customers but also potential customers (e.g. they wanna know in detail how to use the product before buying, or are googling for a specific issue that our product can solve). Therefore the Knowledge Base has SEO potential to increase traffic and leads.


However right now it is impossible to do advanced SEO optimisations for KB articles, as basic SEO meta-data fields are not available to edit specifically.


Please add (at least) the possibility to edit these for each page:

  • Page Title
  • Meta-Description


Furthermore these functions could be also useful in regards to SEO:

  • Possibility to redirect a KB page to another URL
  • Possibility to set the robot meta-tag at a page level: index / noindex



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Totally agree! Knowledge Base has a lot of SEO potential!


I would also like to request custom headers that would allow us to apply even more SEO markup and customization to Knowledge Base articles. Basically, it would be great to see a lot of the Blog features also available in Knowledge Base.

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