Increment HubSpot Score using Workflow

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It would be great to be able to use the property "HubSpot Score" in the workflow action to "Increment numeric contact property". 


The use case for this idea, is so that we can increment the HubSpot score everytime a contact visits a specifc URL. Currently we are only able to set the manual lead score to add a point when the contact vists/has visited the URL, and the point is added only once. 

It would great to be able to increment the score/ reenroll in the workflow everyitme the contact visits a specific URL. 

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I love HubSpot but I think as per scoring function it should be brushed up further, follwoing some other marketing automations.

Hope this function will be implemented a.s.a.p..



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Ref - this article and situation - is not good. 


Our workaround for this:

  1. Situation is - when someone triggers something in our CRM -> 
  2. API connects to HubSpot enrolls the user manually into a workflow that increments a total count on the relative contact property
  3. Lead scoring is then setup to add 5 to their score while the user is active in the workflow

You could do this with the URL view option too.




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 It's disheartening to see that this was posted a year ago and the access to the HubSpot Score property is still unavailable from a workflow.


Is there a reason why this is locked away for access only from the Lead Scoring area?


At this point, I'd rather just create a custom property for Lead Score and manage it entirely from workflows.



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It has been more than 2 years and there has been no solution for this. Workflows are used a lot for automation and it only makes sense to assign score based on workflow actions. 

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I think TravisP hit the nail on the head - 


If they limit the capabilities of the Hubspot Score property in such a way it requires us to make our own property that we can use in workflows, they will usher us into upgrading plans to allow for creating 'Score' properties.