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HubSpot Insights - Disable Overwrite

Hello folks, I imported data from Salesforce and couldn't figure out why one company's description was overwritten until finding out about the HubSpot Insights feature.


A suggestion: there could be a toggle to not overwrite data.


There could also be a wizard with two columns to show existing data vs. suggested insights with the option to prevent overwriting for any property deemed to have important existing information.


Finally, when importing data [from Salesforce], I might recommend advising customers with Insights enabled to be aware their fields are liable to be overwritten.


Thank you!

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I completely agree. I have the same situation (import from Salesforce, lots of information overwritten). A disable overwrite and a wizard would be excellent. Or, perhaps exclusion lists for HS Insights.


The HubSpot Insigts feature is excellent in some scenarious (sales reps adding new companies with just the URL). However, in other situations it can be a pain. For example I have a company whose website is a wordpress blog, and HubSpot insights overwrote their info and populated it with the corporate HQ of Wordpress...


Our company would love to see the 'toggle to not overwrite data' available for all fields on import, not just the HubSpot Insight fields. 


We would definitely like to have a wizard with two columns to show existing data vs. new data being imported with the option to prevent overwriting for any property deemed to have important existing information.


Agreed! We should have the ability to select which properties we DON'T want insights to override. We love having the insights feature, but there really needs to be an improvement in this area.


I also supprt this idea. We don't want to disable insights completely as they are very useful in many cases. However, enabling insights to be populated for only empty fields would be great. 


Agree, this would be very helpful!


This is essential for users running a Salesforce stack. I would add that it would be great to opt specific fields out of Insights, because some specific fields may be linked with sensitive macros on the Salesforce end. We have had to disable the Insights feature completely in order to maintain the integrity of our Salesforce CRM.


Although this feature idea is likely to get a lower volume of upvotes because not all HubSpot useres are stacking with Salesforce, I hope HubSpot will still consider prioritizing this based on the high value this would bring to the minority of users who need it.


I would like a more simple option, which is that when Hubspot Insights no longer finds the information it has previously found and populated.  It doesn't then remove (update) that information to a blank.


If updating to a blank could be removed from the Hubspot Insights workflow, this would be preferable.


I support the idea to disable overwrite and want to specifically upvote the suggestion to show Administrators HubSpot Insights suggestions and put them in a queue so existing data cannot be overwriten. HubSpot Insights is helpful when creating a record, but I've recently had to spend a lot of time reversing its actions. It regularly overwrites existing, important, correct data with incorrect information pulled from various online sources, causing issues not only in HubSpot but every integrated platform. Administrators should have the option to prevent the tool from overwriting existing data as well as to view, approve, and reject proposed changes, similar to the functionality of the duplicates tool. I have multiple workflows set up to catch these errors, but am spending so much time correcting for HubSpot Insights I'm considering disabling the feature altogether.