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I think its a must that hubspot sales should start to provide the possibility of adding html templates.


We already pay 50$ per person to use more then 5 templates and in 2017 not being able to use HTML its like cutting off one leg to many companies that uses special html templates to brand their outreach to customers.

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Not Currently Planned
April 27, 2020 02:57 PM

I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.




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I agreee with this idea wholeheartedly!


I can add HTML here but i cant add HTML to a sales template? What gives? This is a must . HTML to Sales Templates.jpg



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Two thumbs up for this idea from here! 


We'd like to use a widget on our sales e-mails from our own solution, which is now only possible in marketing e-mails because of this. 


Standardised messages are great, but for sales e-mails there needs to be more flexibility for sales to edit the content per contact before it goes out. With marketing e-mails this is not possible as far as we've understood. 


It is quite humorous that I have the option to post in HTML here but not in sales templates - I get it though.


I do want to echo this sentiment, not having access to HTML is causing me to go outside of HubSpot when I would obviously rather do as much as possible on the platform (include spending more money on it :P).


Hoping this feature is somewhere close in the pipeline! 


Not just a great idea - an absolute must. To have an email sequence that supports our sales process withouth the most common of ways to attract attention seems like lost ROI on the effort. PLEASE make this happen.



Buenos días,


Se hace necesario poder incluir el codigo html en las plantillas de ventas, no solo en las de marketing. 

Existen funcionalidades que son importantes tanto para ventas como marketing y no entendemos esa discriminación, solicitamos por favor que se añada esta funcionalidad a las plantillas de ventas.

Muchas gracias. 


It would be helpful if you could create a template for the section in GMail. The problem is that our Customer Success Team often sends out mails to the customers and this should not be a plain text template but have a fixed header if necessary.
I want to avoid that the Customer Success Team wants to send out e-mails about the marketing area all the time

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I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.





Personalization is KEY these days.  Adding personalization tokens to a URL currently requires writing HTML in an email within HubSpot.


Having this on the Sales email templates is very important.




I consider this a basic feature and a quick win for everyone using Sales Hub!


We are needing to update our sales emails across 3 of our accounts in Hubspot. The fact that Hubspot doesn't offer source code editing is crazy! for such an advanced platform, you'd expect to be able to copy-paste code into a sales email. Even Outlook and Gmail have this functionality!




We want to offer strong branded emails to our prospective and current customers that will match our branding and also offer a rich HTML experiance. 


We would use a marketing template but we need to be able to insert variable data from our operations CRM and can only do this in the service templates. 


Please lets get with 2020 and be forward thinking Hubspot. 


Why hasn't this been considered? Using HTML to personalise emails is pretty normal on many other CRM platforms, and yet we can't use HTML to personalise sales automations through hubspot? Seems ridiculous that this has been ignored for 3 years

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The same thing here, we are needing to add an email starting from TypeForm to implement the first secuence of a Poll and it's not possible.


The emails in Sales Hub are already sent as HTML as you allow HTML customization of signatures, so we would really appreciate if you would kindly provide an HTML editor to the body of the email as well.


Thank you in advance!


Agree. Common sense feature that should be added.


This would be a great feature that should be added!


My team would love this. We have some simple sales emails with a comparison HTML table inside and we've had to resort to managing our email with Missive. Hoping it's something you'll consider.


I want to send out renewal reminders, but there's often custom information required to be added manually. Currently, no way to do this as far as I can see.  


This forum accepts html, why would you not have it when emailing customers?


Marketing emails have it, why not 1-1 ?? Don't understand the thinking.