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Granular Workflow Permissions

It should be possible to give different levels of access to Workflows.


I would like to be able to give my reps access to view workflows, but not edit them. Some reps I would want to give edit access, but not access to run them.


My ideal scenario would be:



- See workflows



- Edit non-live workflows


- Edit, review, and run all workflows

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Agreed - the export pdf of WF feature does help with this. Users who need READ only access need to be able to click into referenced email templates etc... to verify accuracy. 


Publish/Write/Read permissions like applied to marketing functions would be great here. In my organizations, I'd like everybody to be able to read, a few be able to write and create new workflows, and only an even fewer number being able to actually turn workflows on.


We actually need greater granularity than is covered in the point above. The key thing missing is we need to separate the ability to create/edit workflows and to run workflows.

Editing a workflow is high risk as it is easy to change bahaviour and relatively hard to test against, for example, a we bsite with multiple forms.

However, we want lots of people to be able to run workflows but don't have to be able to create and edit them.



Being able to assign workflow permissions or to have some control over them would be extremely helpful. It would let managers control their teams' workflows without potentially changing others. 



This is important. Its useful seperately viewing, editing and publishing EMAILs. The same should be availble for workflows. Particularly with the risk of turning of bulk enrollment for sequencing but being able to by pass that with Workflow permissions on - Enroll in a sequence.

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