Google Dynamic / AMP Email Integration Support

I noticed other 3rd party marketing platforms and providers are starting to support the AMP / Dynamic Google email. Anyone else interested in this?






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Totally needed

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Absolument nécessaire, sinon à quoi bon gérer des campagnes avec Hubspot ?


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We are very interested in this!

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Psyched about AMP for email, I hope HubSpot will work on this soon 🤞💌

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Yep, competitors are already doing it!

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This is something that is really important to us. I'm surpised that Hubspot haven't got this locked down yet when competitors are doing it

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I hope they get this done pretty soon. That will give them ahead of the league. 

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Just announced today that Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be supporting AMP for Email:


You can see all platforms that support it here:


Would love to see HubSpot adopt this!