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Google Advanced Protection

Per this thread, HubSpot is not verified by Google. If HubSpot were to make a minimal version of their Google integration that would be compantible with Google Advanced Protection, more of our users would be able to make full use of HubSpot.

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Agreed - this would make a world of a new member to the Hubspot community this bump is really frustrating. 


This is critical. We've deployed Google Advance Protection across our entire company. Its FREE and a massive boost to security. Clearly its possible to meet Google's requirements as other companies have. Likely just a few hours for a good programmer. Without it a LOT of Hubspot functionality must be lost by those of us trying to be ahead of the curve on adopting the best security.


This is critical for healthtech and fintech companies with data policies to enforce. Could someone from Hubspot please explain why this need is not being met?


Has anyone found a workaround to this? It's a major issue for my team as well. 


Yep, we need this, or some other secure workaround.


I find this issue to be insanely frustrating. When we signed with Hubspot, I was not aware that we could not utilize some major pieces of Hubspot functionality if we have Google Advanced Protection in place. I cannot tell you how much of my time has gone into trying to find a workaround and it's been a significant drag on several other team members as well, all to no resolve.  Not only are we sinking time into trying to solve it, it's been a roadblock in onboarding team members. We started onboarding Hubspot nearly two months ago and this is a major issue to this day. What we're testing right now is creating a separate inbox for our sales team members that cannot access our google drive. This is not a sufficient workaround even if we can get it working, but will allow us to wall off critical company information if one of these less protected accounts is compromised.  


It goes deeper than protection for our accounts. Not only are we unwilling to turn Google Advanced Protection off for ourselves, we're worried about Hubspot having access to our files given Hubspot was recently compromised and compromised it's clients due to a breach of an employee account, which to my understanding is what Google Advanced Protection helps protect against:


Hubspot also uses gmail and Hubspot, so you'd think it would be in it's own best interest to solve this. I was told my multiple people on the team that Hubspot support hardly comes across this, it's not a priority, and won't be anytime soon. In the meantime, this has really soured my experience with Hubspot. 


Enabling the advanced protection program is essential to protect your business from attackers. Not supporting it cannot be tolerated.