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Goals within Deal-based workflows

Why are we unable to have a goal set in a deal based workflow?  That is, goals that will unenroll someone from the workflow when they meet the goal.


It seems when i use a contact based workflow i'm unable to use any personalisation tokens from the deal, such as signing the email from the deal owner...but if it don't use a contact workflow then I can't create a goal?


This seems to be a strange restriction!  It makes no sense and surely would be a very easy fix with a high payoff for users.  Surely it's very common for people to be moving people through Deals with the goal of a sale...but we can't set that as a goal?

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Indeed, Deal workflows have strange restrictions compared to Contact workflows. For example, you also cannot set Date centred and Date property centred deal workflows, which makes it very difficult to target specific ongoing deals with, say, end of year deals. You also can't do any nurturing after a deal is closed, e.g. a year from Deal closure, or something like that. 


Yes, I am interested to have this workflow and anticipating business benefits.


Agreed, there is no way to terminate a deal workflow as deals move trhough stages and convert. Seems like an easy fix given the setup is already available.


Totally agree. I need to be able to measure the performance on my Deal based workflows. Those are core to our business since a Deal is what people buy.


I would really like the possibility to add a goal to a Deal based workflow (as you can do on a Contact based workflow) and the possibility to add a Deal based workflow to a campaign (as you can do with a Contact based workflow)