Forward Emails from Conversations

We need some type of forwarding tool in hubspots inbox so we can send emails to different departments within out company. Currently we are unable to change who the email is being sent to when replying. 

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We NEED this feature in order to use the conversations inbox. We often get emails that need to be forwarded to different departments that are not on the Hubspot platform. 

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 I need that too!!!

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I would like to be able to forward a thread from the Conversation inbox. I can CC someone external to my Hubspot team but the reply does not include the content of the original email inline and cutting and pasting is losing all the formatting.

An alternative would be to be able to set up the inbox reply as including the original message in the body of the reply.

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This is really important, as I always have to go to the gmail account to send an email to other person from HubSpot. Kind of annoying.

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Same here, i can't believe that this feature isnt availible in the conversation inbox. A simple forward of an email is mendatory for our Customer Success team.

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For example, some customers require me to forward the email to their relatives. I can't. I have to go to Gmail, therefore your promise of "Everything in one place" is not true.

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 We need this too! Forward from the conversations tab as well as forward to a contact inside a Ticket. I can Cc or Bcc others, but the original To recipient cannot be changed. 

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 Absolutely a must to be able to forward an email or edit the "to recipient". Please let us know when it will become available. Thank you.

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Absolute must have.

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Seriously... forwarding emails... how could this NOT have been included from the get-go? Please include this feature ASAP. Thanks!