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Forms: Conditional Logic

IMPORTANT: Not "Dependent Fields".


Please see Gravity Forms' conditional logic functionality for example:


At present, HubSpot "Dependent Fields" can serve new form fields based on a selection made in a previous form field. 


"Conditional Logic", however, serves different form field options based on a selection made in a previous form field. This is an important distinction as it requires only one "Property" for the options, regardless of the initial form field selection.


If I'm not clear, here's an example:


Property 1: Location

Property 2: Duration


User selects from a Location dropdown. Location options are "Madrid" or "London". 
We only offer "4 Weeks" and "6 Weeks" for "London", but offer "4 Weeks" or "12 Weeks" for "Madrid".

"Dependent Fields" will serve Duration upon a Location selection, but all options will be shown, even though we do not offer all Duration options for both Locations


HubSpot recommends we create a new "Property" for each Location. This is not feasible when there are many Locations.


"Conditional Logic" simply serves the appropriate form field options based on the Location selected. So when selecting "London" the options shown would be "4 Weeks" and "6 Weeks", and for "Madrid" only "4 Weeks" or "12 Weeks" would be shown, but they would all populate the same "Property". Duration.


Please upvote. 

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Being Reviewed
January 18, 2024 02:36 AM

Hi folks,


I’m Ian, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Forms tool.


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. We are currently evaluating how our team will implement this idea. If you're interested in participating in user testing, just reply to this thread. 


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!


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It would be great to also use this to end the form.


e.g. we're running a competition which is only open to XYZ countries; if country does not equal XYZ then jump to new URL "sorry you do not qualify to enter, but thank you for your interest" - currently jumps only go to other contact fields.



We really need this idea to go into Hubspot as soon as possible.. 


We have a use case where this conditional logic is really important in more than one fields. Having several products with different features and generic or area landing pages, it would really increase our conversion to have something like that instead of an extremely large dropdown in order to ease the user selection. 






It is so limiting not having this natively in Hubspot. Even the most basic form builder support this. So we have only two options. Use another form builder and integrate or pay for custom code. Not acceptable in such an advanced product.

This is made worse by the fact that the contact properties are not always updated in time to then have a work around of dynamic content on the thank you page.  I mean, come on!


This is really needed. Conditional logic should allow you to:


  1. Display dynamic options - I should only need to have two fields for Country & State/Region. But instead with the current forms, I have to have a custom fields for US States, Canadian Provinces, etc. and map those values to a State field through a workflow.
  2. Do other things than just showing fields - e.g. if field value is Foo, set other hidden field value to Bar. It would also be nice to show notifications based on inputs / values.

You're basically forced to use a third party provider that integrates with HubSpot or write your own custom forms and use the API.


This is truly essential. My organization moved to HubSpot for it's "one-stop shop" promise for all of our needs, but it seems HubSpot forms need some serious add-ons. I appreciate being able to link Gravity Forms, but even then you can't adjust field mappings. Conditional formatting and removing the submission button based on field selections are table stakes for web forms.


YES. I need this as well. Thanks for sharing. 

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comments on this post. Your feedback helps us build better products.


I think this a great Idea! I'm happy to say we are currently reviewing this request and its feasibility. At this time I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but all updates will be relayed on this thread.

I am changing the status of this idea to Being Reviewed as our team scopes out this work.



Yes! This is a much-needed feature and would allow us to get so much more nuanced data from our users. Here is an example of how I'd use this functionality:

Example 1:

  1. The first time Skyler fills out our form, we ask his persona. Let's say he chooses "Child Care Provider."
  2. The second time Skyler fills out our form, I'd like him to answer "How many children do you care for?" and "What are your hours?" because he's a child care provider.

Example 2:

  1. The first time Priya comes to our site, we ask her persona. She selects "Parent."
  2. The second time Priya comes to our site, I'd like her to not see "How many children do you care for" or "What are your hours?". Those are not relevant to her persona. Instead, I'd like to ask her, "Are you working full-time?" and "Do you have any children in child care?"

Thanks for considering this functionality!

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Great contribution. Would love to have this feature for one our prospects.


I also agree that this conditional logic would be ideal.  Some 'and', 'or', 'if...then' and calculated values would all be helpful.


Related to this, why is the dependant field logic restricted to serving up only contact properties?  For example, on a support ticket, if the user selects a value for a ticket property (e.g., product family), I would like to be able to make another ticket property (e.g., product group) appear in the form.


That is a great idea - can we get a timeline on when this is being implemented?


We have a similar (urgent) need where Field B options (whether they are checklists or dropdowns) would be dependant on the answer from Field A. Some of the options in Field B are relevant to multiple answers in Field A.



  • If X is selected in Field A
  • Then Show Field B
  • Show values x y & z from Field B (or option to show all)
  • If Y is selected from Field A
  • Then show Field B
  • Show values y & z from Field B

Creating a separate field for each possible answer in Field A leaves too much room for potential error and having to update multiple fields (instead of 1) should any of the options change/be updated.

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Currently, we are unable to create additional layers of logic based on how a user answered a question in a form, after the initial set of logic was already introduced. For example: We have a main website form that asks people to self identify (potential customer or existing customer). If they select potential customer, they are prompted to answer specific questions, one being “How did you hear about us”. These have vague high-level dropdown options such as “podcast” or “another company”. It would be fantastic if we could then prompt a potential customer to tell us more about the specific podcast or company they heard about us from, based on what they selected for “How did you hear about us”.


Can i make my forms go to a specific inbox BASED on a field filled out on said form? Such as radio buttons maybe IS this for Support or Sales -Sales -Support based on which is clicked the ticket / form submits to that inbox?

I think this question I have above is and would be answered by getting this implemented.

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Love this. Need this! 


Any news on timeline, @JoeMayall ?


Thanks 💪🏼


This would be a great addition! Would eliminate the majority of third-party form applications. Any idea of timeline, @JoeMayall


Any updates on this @JoeMayall ?


I strongly agree that this needs to be added! 


Agree on all of the above. Finding forms extremely limiting right now and it would be great to see more flexibility. 


This is great, but I also need this to be added to our fields within the system and not just on forms. I need our team to be able to select only specific options that depend on what is selected in another property

I 100% agree, that’s the conditional aspect of the logic. Without this feature the forms tool is years behind.