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Form Submission Response Time

There should be a way that would allow us to measure the response time of a form submission. This would help Sales Management measure the effectiveness of follow-up efforts of their Sales Associates.

For example, a form is submitted by the customer at 1:00pm. A Sales Associate receives the form submission notification and logs a call (or email?) at 1:10pm. I would like to be able to report that it took the Sales Associate 10 minutes to respond to the customer. Furthermore I would like to report that the Sales Associate's average response time this month has been 15 minutes whereas their colleague's has been 30 minutes.

Goal: Monitor, manage and shorten response time of Sales Associates on Form Submissions.

Value: Increase timeliness and effectiveness of response to customer inquiries.

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HubSpot gives us the tools to respond quickly, but no way to track response times. Please add this feature. 


This is something we very much want as well. During Hubspot training we learned how important it is to call/respond to leads within two minutes of getting a request, but we have no way of calculating it.


We need this very much, I am blown away that it does not exist! This is the most basic metric for lead management. We have a small, geographically distributed team with lead flow that is growing rapidly. I am in desperate need for reporting on our time from lead assignment to sales contact, and a rolling report on number of times contacted. Would love to hear from the community on a workaround for this report or if there is another tool on the market that can provide this. 

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You can get number of times contacted. There's a HubSpot default property for that. 


I agree completely. They have last contacted, but not first contacted (by salesperson). I was flabbergasted to find out that this report is not an out of the box report for Hubspot, let alone possible at all. Insanity.

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Hey! I figured this out! I too was surprised that HubSpot didn't have this report natively. I built a workaround using HubSpot workflow and webhook, Zapier and Google Sheets. I've implemented it for a few clients in our agency and it's working great so I created a tutorial on how to set it up. I was measuring from SQL lifecycle stage entered but you should be able to tweak it to measure from a form submission. Also would be happy to help anybody trouble shoot while setting this up so we can get it working for you.


Here is the link to the tutorial:


Unfortunately for this solution the webhook is now only available for Enterprise - 


Please note: Marketing Hub Professional accounts or Sales Hub Professional seats purchased before November 1, 2018 will have legacy access to the Trigger a webhook workflow action. 


This is so frustrating! This is a basic metric that we should easily be able to track.

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Should be an out-of-the-box report. Agreed.