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Form Submission Block/Allow Functionality

I have a suggestion to improve the email domain blocking functionality for form submissions.


I recently used the option to block free emails from my forms but it prevented business customers from using email addresses. More and more, people are using gmail for business.  I would like to be able to block all the other free email domains EXCEPT to prevent spam submissions. 


My suggestion is to add functionality so you can block all the free ones on that list EXCEPT OR others that you wish to allow. I don't really want to copy and paste all 1000 of those free email domains and then manually remove gmail by sifting through that list. What I'm suggesting could work similarly to the way email recipient selection works... so you would block all the email domains on the list EXCEPT for the ones on the "allow" list. 

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I would like the ability to stop specific email domains from being created as a contact in our database as well. For example, they can submit a form, but not be created as a contact if they have a gmail or other domain email address.

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very much needed!