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Adding the ability to make a flexible column within a Blog template and not just a Website Page or Landing Page would be useful. I am trying to allow editing and creating Blogs and pages to be more accessable for non developers. I have created Custom Modules that correlate with particular pages. We use the Flexible Columns on our other Pages so anyone can add which module needs to be added, even the pre populated Custom Module. We want to be able to do this on our Blogs for a CTA featured area instead of having to create it every time.

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This would be so helpful in making highly customized blogs that are easy to code and easy for anyone to edit. Right now if you have types of customized content that you only want to show on certain blog posts or show in different spots on the blog post you have to add extra modules to do it. With flex columns you could just plop content in when and where you need it.

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Just as an update to this: It is possible to hack a flexible column into a blog but once you add a module to the flexible column you cannot delete it. A workaround is to create a hide/show switch in each module you might use in the blogs flexible column or be super careful to only add modules you want. 

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Hi bnewton, could you describe how this hack can be done?  It's exactly what I need.



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You create a separate blank file and include it in your blog page using hubl.

Once you have uploaded this file (I used FTP - not sure if that matters or not) you can then add the {% flexible column %} to the blank file and will be included in the blog page. You might have to be careful when updating the page as hubspot checks to see if any unwanted widget data is in the page and will not publish if it finds the flexible column.


Hope that helps! Maybe they will actually allow it soon seeing as the new design manager is in beta (:


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Great idea!

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I'd like that idea to be implemented very much.


We've got a new blog planned out with 'content parts', as in ready to use modules that could be utilized by content writers and currently the only way we can do that is to hack styling with JavaScript.


I'm attaching an example of content parts below:


Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 16.01.45.png