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Filtering snippets

When using snippets in emails, it would be great to filter by team, job function, indivitual, etc.  I currently have to scroll through a long list of snippets created by others in order to find the ones that pertain to me. 


We are working on creating a series of snippets for the sales people to be able to use, and would like to remove as much friction as possible to help them use those snippets.


Even though I can create folders and manage snippets in the "manage" view, that doesn't do any good when actually using the snippets. It would be great to filter snippets in a similar manner as when using templates.

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i really don't know why this isn't an option.  Please add it.


I had one of our customer success reps tell me that she copy/pastes from the HubSpot browser snippets into her Outlook emails because sorting through our list to find the right one is too difficult. Even having them alphabetized in the Outlook options would be helpful, if not being able to have the file folder structure that we have within Hubspot.




I agree, when you have multiple teams using this, even having the folders appear in the Outlook add-on would be REALLY HELPFUL!  


Agreed 100%. It's difficult to be efficient when everyone has multiple snippets and you have to sift through the entire list. I don't need to see everyone else's, just mine.


100% needed


So frustrating, we need this feature as well.

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Upvoting this! @glencornell


@glencornell I contacted @LPitcher in ticket # 9217971 for an update on this idea because, as I said in the ticket:


Unfortunately, the product team are operating incognito. The post in question was made in Feb 2020, two years ago to the day today. There has been not one comment from the product team in that time, hence why I'm reaching out to you. Two things:


1) If you could get in touch with the product team to ask for the current status of the idea submitted two years ago:


2) If you could ask them to communicate more frequently on the ideas forum so we don't need to reach out to support after two years without any comment from them.

While I appreciate that the product team is not going to implement every single idea on the ideas forum, it would be great to see more active participation with updates on where each idea stands, particularly those that have dozens of upvotes and comments.


I've had to reach out to support for updates on countless ideas since we joined HubSpot in 2019 because there were no updates on the forum from the product team despite active community participation.


The community is not meant to be a one-way street, wouldn't you agree?


Any update on this? This would be great...