File Import Overwrite Priority

Similar to what is done when connecting Hubspot to an external CRM, I think it would be an excellent feature to have to choose a priority on a file import of contacts into Hubspot when you get to the mapping stage of the import process. For instance, if I upload a list of contacts, some of which may exist, I would want to choose from a set of options like: Do Not Overwrite, Overwrite If Blank, Overwrite Existing Values.  This allow us to use file uploads without having to worry that good data could potentially be overwritten.

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Additional to the great import idea of Ben_M:
An option to 'Append' imported values for Multiline properties

The options should be changeable for every property/column in the import

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A year on and shame to still not have a solution for this. I wonder how everyone is managing this when dealing with contact/lead lists from events, external media partners, etc. Exporting full DB every time to do a check as suggested in some posts is not a scalable nor GDPR-friendly solution. 

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This would be so helpful!