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Facebook Conversions API Support (Server-side integration)

Hi there,  we urgently need a solution to Facebook's requirements for Server-side conversion API support with Hubspot forms and pages. This was posted in the community section here.


So following up with an Idea's post here as per PamCotton's request. UPVOTE!

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Yes we need this too please!

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Yes! Let's get this done.

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More updates on this timeline would be very helpful. We're getting prompts in Ads Manager about integrating our CRM with ads in order to get higher quality leads in Lead Gen campaigns by connecting it to our sales funnel (deal stages) but it requires the Conversion API set up so I'm very interested in getting this integration set up to improve that performance.


This is a critical feature. Since the release of IOS 14 we've lost a lot of tracking and our Cost Per Sales has increase 230% because of this. We really need this feature ASAP so that we can track conversions.


Hi team,

Any updates on this? I believe I read somewhere it's in BETA. Can anyone elaborate?

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What is happening with this? Most other landing page tools and CRMs added a solution for this long ago.