Export Campaign Data

It would be helpful to be able to export campaign data to csv.


Possible ideas for what to include in the export columns:

  • Campaign name
  • Campaign ID
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Sessions
  • New contacts
  • Incfluenced contacts
  • Closed deals
  • Influenced revenue 
  • Number of associated assets (broken down by asset type; i.e., emails, pages, CTAs)


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If you would find this functionality useful, please add your use case below as well as what you'd find helpful in a campaign export!

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Occasional Contributor

I totally agree with this.  In addition to be able to export campaign data, would like to be able to rename campaign names or at least have a drop down where I could flag a campaign as TOFU, MOFU, BOFU content.   

New Contributor

Totally agree! Much needed. 

Occasional Contributor

YES! Much needed. Not being able to reference Campaigns when exporting data is quite annoying.

New Member

great idea!

New Member

It would be a very good help !

Occasional Contributor

Totally agree!  The campaign tool provides excellent data which would be perfect to export and send to customers who we're collecting the data about, rather than having to create reports from scratch.