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Dynamic due date for tasks

Currently, a due date for a task can be set to a specific date or a set number of days from task creation. 


Suggestion: allow task due date to be set in relation to a date property on an associated record


Example use case: use a deal-based workflow to create tasks for deals that needs to be set in relation to the deal close date (e.g. a certain number of days beforehand)

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I'd like to give another example:


One of out pipelines has a "status" called "meeting arranged". It would be great that when a ticket falls into this status, it creates a task with the due date pulled from a property called "meeting date". 

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Agree that having this will be helpful; often times, the task due date is tagged to an object, be it contact record or deal record.

Giving an example, having the task due date 1 day before the close date of a deal record will be hugely beneficial to our customers.

Thank you!


I also am having difficulty setting appropriate due dates for tasks. Specifically, I would like to create a task to prep presentation materials (we personalize our demos) for a meeting schedule through HubSpot. It would be helpful to be able to chose the "date of last meeting booked in meetings tool" as the due date - or otherwise "link" it to the scheduled meeting. Thanks!


Agree! We would like to create a task to be due based on the meeting activity date 


YEs I would love to create a task a specific number of days prior to meeting start (To confirm the meeting for example) or specific number of days after meeting start


This is so necessary and another reason hubspot falls short compared to competitors. I am finding horrific small details the more I use this system. What do we need to do to get more attention on this?


More bog standard functionality missing, I'm regretting moving from Infusionsoft / Keap at the moment.


My example of how this would be useful: Our sales process includes a consultation. There are tasks related to the consultation that need to be created and assigned once a consultation date is known. Basing tasks around the consultation date would be incredibly useful. Currently, this is a manual process.


Surprised this is still not added.. We have a "contact later" stage with a custom "contact later date" property. Impossible to create a workflow to send a task to the deal owner when the "contact later date" is due..


As many others here I was surprised to find this is not supported. This is absolutely needed for workflow creation to be as useful as it could/should be.


This is for sure critical functionality. Not having this causes all kinds of messy workarounds, including creating tasks to update the date on another task.


I'd also be very grateful to have this added. We would use this for creating tasks that must be done before known date properties on a deal, for instance.


I think I found a decent workaround.


Instead of trying to set the due date of the task to a certain field, you can use Delay until a date in your workflow and set that delay to the Deal date property that you want. Put that delay between the previous step in the workflow and a new task with a due date of immediately.Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 13.12.22.png


This would be extremely helpful. We have properties to track when various activities happen. For example, when a client is panning to complete a project. The ability to automate a follow up based on when the project happens creates would be extremely helpful! I'm honestly surprised this idea has been here over a year and it hasn't gotten more attention. I don't write code, but I feel like this would be a fairly simple option to add.




I would like to create a task in a workflow and set the due date/time to be in hours from the trigger time. For example, a Deal is assigned to a Sales Rep, create task with a due date in 1 hour.

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+1! It would be great to have more options. For example, set the due date for 15 minutes after the task is created. 


I agree. 


I know a workflow can automatically create a task at a time that is based on the close date. However, we would like the workflows to create tasks upon switching to a new deal stage and have the due dates dependent on the close date. In other words, we want to see all the tasks that need to be completed during a deal stage, and the task due dates to be based on a property field. One reason we want to see the tasks that will be due, is because we may need to add notes to upcoming tasks. Therefore, the tasks need to be created upon switching deal stages and there would need to be a feature allowing the task due dates to be dependent on the close date.


E.g. task is created upon changing deal stages to "Under Contract" and a task is immediately created that has a due date of 7 days before the close date. 


It's so basic today to have the ability to use dynamic date properties to perform actions like task creation, or sending emails based on dynamic date properties. Active Campaign has been doing this for over 4 years and is three times less expensive. Please, we absolutely need this feature to make our strategies even more powerful. Just go on Active Campaign and copy what they do, it's perfect for ULTRA personnalize marketing

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Totally agree.  i've created a really complicated workflow workaround if anyone is interested...DM Me.