Due Date Status Filter


Hey everyone,

I had reached out to support recently for assistance in finding a filter for Due Date status.


My hope was to create an active list with a specific property like "lead status (example)" set to "active prospect (example)," but for tasks that are overdue specifically.


While I can obviously do this in views, or set a specific date to filter by, I would love for it to be a filter.


The ideal scenario for us would be to add a filter such as: "Lead Status (example)," is any of *whatever* -AND- Due Date is any of "overdue" or "upcoming."


Due Date is any of "overdue" or "upcoming" is the primary ask here.


Support and I tried the following filter: Task completion date is unknown -and- Task status is none of Completed or In progress. This still showed all contacts with the "Lead Status (example)" filter even if the task date was upcoming OR past due.


This overdue tag in the contact screen is being applied to the task based on the Due Date (red box next to the task that says overdue), but is not a property that is saved to the contact record and at this time, Hubspot cannot filter based on Overdue status. Most unfortunate!


I have attempted to use multiple filters to achieve this but have not achieved the desired result. Again, I know that I can see this in other views but what we would like is it to be available to filter this in an active list. I hope this can be easily added, thank you!