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Disable tracking for sequences

As tracking links often decrease email performance it would be great to be able to temporarily disable this.


Once you have established good messages, etc. and know your KPIs you could then aim to have certain campaigns go out "blind" but with better performance & conversions overall.


The only KPI tracked would then be unsubscribe or answer since these are always required or easy to track without Hubspot tracking links

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I want to do the same ! I have a low open rate due to this issue compare to my previous tool apollo 


Absolutely essential - Hubspot sequences are going to be useless soon with recent privacy updates unless you have the option to disable tracking

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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Need this feature to align tracking capacilities (and option to deactivate it) with email marketing and common emails.

Facing some corporate account that heavily block emails with redirections, therefore needing to be able to opt-out of click tracking, including sequences (just to be able to continue to use them).

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Any updates here, from HubSpot?


Some of our potential leads have let me know they get a pop-up with a request to "let the sender know you opened the email". For a marketing email that is fine, but sequences should be a one-on-one email contact with the option to turn of tracking. I hope you make the option available soon.


Would love to know if this is something they resolve. The ability to not track emails that are sent out as a part of a sequence. Like the option to remove/ exclude that hubspot bcc so deliverability increases. Also don't want those automated emails to show up on dashboards only personalized ones. Does Hubspot usually respond to these? I'm new here so curious if this is just a discussion forum or actionable by @hubspot ?

@PJH93 @wsmg @JSC any thoughts or recent update on this or were you able to resolve this somehow? Thanks.


Many companies (like our) do not have recipients’ consent for tracking. According to the GDPR, tracking without consent is ILLEGAL in the European Union.

If you cannot switch off tracking for sequences, the function is unusable for many companies. It is absolutely necessary to make this manageable (ON/OFF)!!!

It´s ab BLOCKER for our comapny and i guess also for many other companys in the European Union, that want to comply with the law.