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Deal Number Generator

We need a systematic way to create a "Deal Number" containing letters as well as sequential numbers. These are based on which business unit creates the deal, the year the deal is created, and then a sequential number to create a unique identifier for each deal. For example, one deal number would be XYZ20171234, the next one created in that BU would be XYZ20171235, etc.

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Today, I also asked the support for such a feature, since it is not in HubSpot and would be an easy one to implement.
The suggestion to use the DEAL identifier from the URL is not really practicable.

Actually we will develop such a generator within SharePoint. Even we could handle such a solution it´s really not sexy!


We are looking for something similar!  Using the long system ID is not a long term solution for us.


Agreed with above - would require:

Prefix Options
Incremental Numbers

i.e. MW-00134, MW-00135, NS-1083, NS-1084


Please help!


I would love to be able to use this as well as we would like to assign a number to a new deal that enrolls in a workflow following a number sequence. Once deals are reviewed and meet certain criteria, we would love to automate a number modification to another sequence depending on the category or other features.


I tried this by making a calculation using the "Deal ID" but unfortunately we have several products and pipelines from different departments in Hubspot and this would work.


Same here. We started using the DealID at the beginning but the fact that it's not consecutive and that it's not customizable is making this a nightmare. To give more context, the deal numbering goes also into file naming for everything related to a given deal and it's making the search very difficult...



As this is a request that has been going over for years, it should be the time that it's really solved.

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If the number is based on the number of deals for a given company, you could use the 'Set property value' action with the number of associated deals from the Company:


To implement:

  1. Create Deal 'Company Associated Deals' custom property
  2. Create Deal 'Project Code' custom property 
  3. Create any other properties that will make up the Deal Reference, e.g Company Shortcode
  4. Create a Company workflow to copy the 'Company Associated Deals' property to the Deal when the 'Company Associated Deals' property is known
  5. Create a Deal Workflow to set the 'Project Code' property where the Project Code is unknown and the 'Company Associated Deals' property is known, you could include a company shortcode in this if you want to have a unique reference, e.g. {deal.client_code}{deal.company_associated_deals) would come out as HUB12 when creating the 12th deal against a company that has a company code of HUB

Hi Romi,


Thanks! My question was for a general consecutive number, regardless of the company.

It would be useful that you could set it to start at any given number (I'm thinking of numbers that may reset each month/year)... Any idea if there is a similar tool that is not connected to companies?

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Curious if there are any updates on this one... looking to create SalesOrders directly in HubSpot and then transfer to ERP system afterwards, but needs to be unique, machine generated with a given alpha numeric combination. 


Any insight, greatly appreciated.


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We still have not seen any OOB solutions for this.


We have had this requirement now for a few clients where there are specific rules around the structure of the unique number or it is a straight consecutive number as suggested.


We have achieved this using custom code in workflows using Ops Hub Pro - and we also have an externally hosted solution if you don't have Ops Hub and the budget doesn't stretch to this.


We will likely put our externally hosted tool on the marketplace at some point, but if you need a solution sooner we could set something up for you, just give us a shout  at


I am also looking for this option. Did you ever receive a solution?

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Nothing yet.
Unfortunately, no. Seems we’re destined to suffice with an extra long Deal
ID indefinitely 😞
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Not aiming to use this as a marketing forum! But we know that this is a real pain point for many HubSpot users (including many of our clients) - we have built out a Micro App to extend Workflows to do this for a small monthly cost, contact us via if you would like to learn more.


Hi @romi , 


Thanks for your insights on this forum. I'm wondering if you can help me with step 3 from your post above:


"3. Create a Company workflow to copy the Company Associated Deals property to the Deal Number property and any other data if unknown when a Deal is created"


I created a Company workflow, but the action copies the Company Associated Deals property to the Deal Number property for all deals. I can't figure out how to make it only copy the property to the deal where Deal Number is unknown. (Screenshot below)


hubspot company workflow copies to all deals.PNG

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@margaret2 I have updated the instructions to make this a bit clearer, also so you can just use the standard 'Set property value' workflow action.


When setting values on an associated object record, you cannot exclude/include specific records based on properties (only association labels).


Therefore you need to copy the Company value to the Deal, this will update all associated Deals - but then have a Deal based workflow that sets your custom Project Code property, i.e.
Enrollment trigger: IF Associated Deals is known AND Project Code is Unknown 
Action: Set Project Code from Associated Deals + any other reference