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Customize Tasks Page - Change Default View

Our team uses the Tasks feature to assign tasks to one another.


We have trained the team to review their Tasks page frequently so they make sure to complete everything that is on their board.


Since last week, users opening the Tasks page are being defaulted to "Due today" instead of "Open Tasks". This is causing users to not realize they have tasks assigned to them up until the due date.


I would really like to set the display defaults for this Tasks page for my entire team, as well as view/edit the status of a task (In Progress, Waiting, etc) in the table view mode.

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April 24, 2020 07:05 AM

Hi HubSpot Community,


We changed back the default view in tasks to "Open Tasks."


In addition we now remember the view that you were on for the next time you open tasks. 


For example, if you navigate from "Open Tasks" to task "Due this week", the next time you come back to the tasks tool, you will land in the "Due this week" view. 




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- When creating a task from this screen there are a limited number of attributes that can be selected, none of which are "company" or "contact". The net result is that task creation here requires entering the record twice - once to create the task description with date and a second time to add the company and contacts.


- the summary Task view needs to have columns that can be selected and sorted. In its current form, it is not sorted by due date. It also shows only one attribute, which means that if you have both contacts and company names associated with a task, something will be missed. Typically, the contact name is displayed and the company name is not, which means that you cannot look at the summary view to see which accounts you have tasks for (unless you have memorized the company that every contact works for).


I agree, it would be great to have the contact name and the company name in the task view, as I prioritize tasks by the the company they are for. It would also be great if the task reminder email contained the contact name and the company name. 

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Would be nice to see as well some contact information based on what type of a task it is. 


Email tasks, show contacts email stats: sent, open, clicks, replies, last email that was sent to contact.

On Call tasks, quicklink to previous calls, how many calls have been made before and show previous call results summarised. 


This way emails and calls could be prioritised based on how responsive the contact is. 

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Would like to be able to sort Tasks by Newest > Oldest by default.  At the moment, every time I use the tool, I need to hit that column every time I want to use my queue and I would like to be able to set the default state to the opposite so it fits in line with my workflow


Ditto on this one - big miss not being able to change default view, or make default view all open tasks.


We are a small team that use the task feature in a 'shared' fashion. We rely on a number of users to address all 'open tasks' during their assigned shifts and we were quite thrown off by the task view automatically defaulting to tasks 'due today'. Our tasks are also generated 24/7 and our business depends on them being addressed in a timely fashion.  It's a subtle change that caused us to miss a few days worth of tasks. We would benefit greatly from being able to set our own default view instead on relying on our users to ensure that the view is set appropriately each time they log in.  


Please change it back to Open tasks.


Hi there, the correct solution is to have the Tasks page REMEMBER which of the sidebar links I clicked last and to reload that one. This change to both the contact list and the task overview is incredibly frustrating. Just yesterday I had to click one extra time 35 times in order to manage our task list, that is a waist of 2 to 3 minutes of my time out of a period of 15 minutes, and a lot of frustration (which has a real impact beyond just the time lost!)


Please make the system smart and move your tool forward with your updates rather than force people to use it in a way that you assume is the way we want to use it.


By adapting the tool around the common sidebar clicks we use, it will speed up the usefulness of your entire interface. Thank you.


This needs to be a customizable feature. However, changing the defaulf from Open Tasks to Due Today is two steps in the wrong direction.


I agree.  What the heck are you guys doing at Hubspot?  At why can't you allow for all columns to be edited.  I'd like to add time zone.


I really don't like the new default view setting to "due today", the default view should from oldest to newst like it was before. We all miss tasks every day and our schedule gets busy all of a sudden and we see ourselves in meetings for 2-3 days straight. Please don't force a habit on us that doesn't match our day to day work. Hope your roll back this release, thank you.


The default view for tasks should be customizable. With this new change, I'm having to make an extra click EVERY SINGLE TIME I NAVIGATE TO TASKS. 


I agree with the Default view for Tasks being on Open Tasks. It used to be this way and recently was changed to Due Today, so each time I go in to Tasks (which is all day), I have to click on Open Tasks which is where I want to go to begin with. 


Please change it back!


Please change it back.

It is very extreemly 100% annoying, unnecessary and a burdon to use now. 

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This change caused me to miss a crucial call with a customer, which came up on a schedule on a Bank Holiday Monday (when our office was closed), then didn't appear when I came in to the office on Tuesday.  

I realised what had happened a few days later, by which stage the customer had been sent a followup scheduled email.

Hubspot - please revert this change, or add a setting in Settings > Tasks, or (perhaps most consistent) - allow users to filter tasks and choose "make default", bringing the functionality in line with what we users are currently familiar with when viewing deals, etc.


Can you please add a default setting to tasks that would allow the user to choose how the task page opens up? 


Currently it opens to "Due Today", however, it would be great to have it open as "Open Tasks" rather than having to click into them every time. It's more important to me to make sure there are not any past due tasks which I can't see from the current setting.


Thank you.


It would save me a good deal of time to see all my open tasks verses having to click my default every time I view a task.  Please put a rush on the option to select my default view.

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Has anyone else's default task view switched back to Open Tasks?


I've been working for the past 6 hours, and even about 3 hours ago default view was definitely Due Today, now it's definitely Open Tasks.  Hooray!!!

I've just signed out and back in again a few times to check, but definitely appears to be.  Not sure if one of the moderators/admin can confirm??


My default view for tasks has also switched back to all open tasks. Yaaayyyy!


Mine did too!!!  super excited.